September 2017 - Present

Victoria, Canada

Software Developer

I design, implement, and maintain a cloud-based data warehouse, Statera. It provides invaluable insights to team directors. I mostly use AWS tools such as Lambda, SNS, and SQS. This includes work in React / Typescript, Golang, and Python. We've been nominated for a Digiday Publishing Award!

One of Canada’s fastest-growing digital publishers, Assembly, a Redbrick company, uses cutting edge technology to engage audiences, scale content and deliver results. Assembly is changing the way publishers and advertisers interact with their readers.



September 2017 - Present

Victoria, Canada

Software Developer

Primary focus is on growing Assembly's Statera project, mentoring co-ops, and getting into the community through events like StartupSlam and Battlensnake. I'm a moderate ping pong player.

Redbrick conceives, acquires, builds, and supports the evolution of strong ideas -creating companies that consumers want to engage with and truly enjoy. The parent organization to a portfolio of companies, Redbrick creates admired businesses through operational excellence, exquisite product development, and results-driven marketing. Redbrick was ranked 5th Fastest-Growing Company in Canada, and 2nd in Software, by PROFIT 500.


University of Victoria

Completed April 2017

Victoria, Canada

Software Engineering Degree

Completed a degree in Software Engineering with co-op. Favourite class was probably "The Cultural History of Vampires." I'm currently featured as one of their career graduate students!

Every day, she applies courses from her education, including memory and performance considerations, and languages like Golang.


SKIO Music

April 2015 - April 2017

Vancouver, Canada

Software Developer

At SKIO, I took on a full-stack role. Part of my work included scalable data management, migrations, unit testing, efficient routing via workers, and rebuilding a REST API as a microservice. I started as a co-op student, but was brought on full time while finishing my degree.

At SKIO we believe in simplicity and creativity. So, we’ve made it easier to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime you like. Share music with artists and producers from around the world; find inspiration in their sounds and let them bring yours to new markets and genres.


Technische Universitaet Darmstadt

October 2013 - April 2014

Darmstadt, Germany

Junior Developer - eMoflon Research

TUD offered me my first international experience. I was brought on as a co-op student to assist a team of graduate students on their research project. Their tool addresses topics like Story Driven Modeling (SDM) and Triple Graph Grammars (TGGs). I helped with documentation by contributing to a 7-part tutorial handbook and extending Eclipse plugins that worked with the tool. I also co-hosted a workshop (English only). Published online, and you can find the tutorial handbook for download on their research page.

eMoflon is a tool for building tools. It allows you to model software systems using a visual or a textual syntax, afterwards generating EMF-compliant Java code from your model.