Hi, my name is Erika.

Professionally... I work on system design, data-related, and backend-esque tasks.

I'm interested in distributed systems, particularly monitoring, resiliency, and scaling up a project without massive costs. I also like chaos engineering and preparing for game-day scenarios.

Questionably useful buzzwords:
  • GoLang
  • Python
  • Typescript
  • AWS Lambda, Batch, Athena
  • AWS Cloudwatch, SQS, SNS
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses

Personally... I like to soak up the sun and wish I had a cat.

Check out my projects page for some techy sutff I do now and then, but generally I like to relax with some fresh air and new recipes.

More buzzwords!
  • Crosstitch
  • Reading
  • Cooking: veggie-forward, strong spices, meal prep
  • Cast iron, sous-vide
  • Haskell
  • Bad at exercise

A 1:1 I gave on my experience pursuing a software engineering degree and an internship at SKIO Music.
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In San Fransisco for the BNP Paribas international Hackathon.
Event Description

Attending StartupSlam 2017 in Victoria.
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Presenting a talk on BattleSnakes at StartupSlam 2018 in Victoria!
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